I really liked this book. It's a sweet small-town American tale about a young woman who rescues creatures in need.

Whether half-starved dogs or sick snakes, Alice will see right by them. She's feisty, sharp-eyed and very sharp-tongued when people try foisting animals onto her for no good reason. No one is safe from her critical eye. And a stranger rolling up on her doorstep with a flash motor and doe-eyed dog at heel, he’s plain asking for trouble. While Jace is no ordinary stranger, Alice is very much an extraordinary backwoods girl. And while Alice sees only a smart mouthed city slicker standing in front of her, and verbally shreds him about a dog he wants to offload. Jace steps up and takes the brunt of Alice’s wit and sarcasm on the chin like a man. Throughout an altercation her contours and the backwoods architecture of her ramshackle home stir his curiosity. Jace wants to know Alice better. Of course Alice and Jace are doomed to fall in love, and what I loved about the opening chapter is that a hairy dog plays cupid.

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